Our Projects

Business operations  are dependent on the company’s ability to secure and execute CBM and other projects in accordance with business plans and programs structured with highest International and professional standards. The strategy of the business contemplates the concept of adding value, which differentiates E&P Co from others.  Such  value addition is achieved in different levels of the business and operations for E&P Co.

In the business, we promote institutional policies and procedures to enhance transparency and efficiency; and in Operations, we promote know-how and technology use to ensure optimization of results. 

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The Company promotes and supports adopting new innovative technologies associated with CBM gas projects. In drilling activities, E&P Co is among very few players with exclusive rights to technology and new techniques for directional drilling. Lateral drilling techniques are currently used successfully in NE Caldwell project of the company.

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Current Projects

NE Caldwell CBM Project:
NE Caldwell CBM Project is a project to extract and produce coal-bed methane gas from a concession in Louisiana, USA using a successful lateral drilling techniques, which enhances gas production 4  to 10 times as compared to the production of a vertical well.

The project represents a concession of ~ 9,650 acres, which is secured under a lease agreement. The leased concession area is located in Caldwell Parish in the State of Louisiana, USA. The project is in proximity to the main off-take pipeline. All respective right of ways (ROW), along with the off-take arrangements, are secured.

The project successfully passed the exploration phase, where E&P Co conducted extensive geological research and studies for proven reserves. The project is currently completing the development of 3 wells where 27 more well are in the pipeline to be developed according to the approved plan up to year 2012. The Project is currently in gas production and selling mode.

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Affiliates & Operational Partners

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